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In order to ensure the authenticity of its products, MANC activated a product authentication system starting with MANCY Bags which have been provided with a special label with QR code. By framing the QR Code with the smartphone or our MANC CHECK app which can be both downloaded from AppStore and Google Play, it will be possible to verify whether the product is authentic or counterfeit.


MANC has always been committed to defending and guaranteeing the authenticity of its products.
A commitment that ranges from monitoring and removing counterfeit product listings on e-commerce platforms, social media, websites, to initiating lawsuits against counterfeiters in different countries, up to working with law enforcement for the seizure of as many counterfeit products as possible and the closure of the related production sites.
The production and sale of counterfeit products is illegal. In addition to this, counterfeit products are often made outside the laws that regulate the production activity, constituting a danger to the health of the wearer. Counterfeit products are often made using child labor or forced labor and without respecting the safety measures that guarantee the health of workers or minimum wage. Finally, counterfeit products are by definition unsustainable.

Anyone wishing to contribute by reporting suspicious or illegal behavior of counterfeit products with the Brand can do so by contacting us at the following address indicating the link to the site or directions to find the store where you saw the product.
To ensure the authenticity of the products, we invite you to purchase through our website or from our authorized stores and distributors.

Find your QR Code Inside/Outside of your bag. Next, carefully search Inside or Outside your bag to locate the QR code swiftly.

Download the app and scan your QR code, download our dedicated app on to yor device. One the app is installed, use its scanning feature to capture the QR code on your item.

Register yourself to our database. After scanning the QR code, complete the registration process within the app to ensure that your item is successfully recorded in our comprehensive database.



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